New climate change logo?

The web site says:  “It’s not warming It’s dying“. Then the new logo slowly appears, a green disc slowly covered downward with black, almost.  Iridescent buttons are available for purchase, even a hashtag. But that’s it.  Purchase only.  You have to go elsewhere to have it explained. The first part is true.  After a mid-late […]

To tax carbon? or not? Examine the basis!

The state of Washington’s Gov. Inslee has established a task force to recommend ways to reduce the state’s carbon emissions footprint.  Washington State is blessed with abundant hydro and nuclear electrical power, making it 80% ‘Green’ in that sector.  Replacing the singular coal plant with ‘renewable’ Maybewatts or natural gas would be barely noticed.  As […]

Sea Level Rise and IPCC

In recent weeks, the popular media is viewing with immense alarm the possibility of a huge sea level rise (SLR) as postulated by the most recent IPCC summary (biased?) recommendations and assessments (AR5) and U of Wash. studies. At the dawn of the 2013 (AR5) release, Dr. Fred Singer noted the changes in the IPCC […]

Post-Modern Beliefs vs. Science and Climate Research

In recent decades, we have seen the term post-modernism bandied about as a reason for strange beliefs and unverifiable ‘truths’.  What this scientist has seen is a gradual denial of verifiable facts when they are contrary to the directed herd’s view of politically or socially correct belief systems.  A recent public essay by Australian scientist […]

Sinking Feeling About CO2

Satellite data show evidence human generated co2 not a problem.