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This is the personal blog of Gary and Kris Troyer.  It is devoted to various topics related to energy, climate, and current popular topics.

Gary is a retired chemist and computer scientist with experience in the petroleum industry, nuclear fuels reprocessing analytical development, reactor technologies, and environmental measurements with numerous technical publications.   Gary has also taught university upper division nuclear chemistry/statistics in the US and computer science in Africa.  Kris is a former retail business manager and successful owner of an upscale local clothing store who has also taught entrepreneurship college bridging courses in Africa.  Gary and Kris are community supporters having sponsored the KaGee Little League team for 20 years.  Both have  participated with Rotary polio vaccination in India (2010) and Habitat for Humanity in New Zealand (2011).  Their most recent international activity was as support to a cataract surgery team in Dembi Dolo, Ethiopia (2012).

Subscription Policy: We don’t share subscriber email addresses, no way, no how.  Subscription removal is by user via a blog update email notification.

Comments Policy: Rational comments or discussion will be approved.  Ad hominem comments will likely be dumped.  Spam initiators will be dumped.

Banner Photos: Southeastern Washington wine country near Red Mountain.

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