Radiation Fears?

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A homeopathic and acupuncture proponent (Dr. (?) Mark Sircus) apparently from Brazil recently posted that Fukushima is going to kill a lot of people with radioactivity.  His claims appear to be on par with his referenced and disgraced H. Caldicott (Pandora’s Promise).  What is contrary is that a comment calling out a few problems with his claims was immediately removed.

Here is his blog post address:  Radiation Crimes of Eternity

Here is the removed commentary:

As a nuclear scientist, I find the allegations in this piece to be totally unfounded. We live in an ocean of radioactivity, life evolved in higher radioactivity than now, and the measured amounts alleged to be raining over the world are miniscule compared to that which we daily experience. It simply does not compute. The example of referencing H. Caldicott brings to question the depth of knowledge about nuclear science; she is not one, never has been, cannot give citable and provable evidence of her claims except of herself.

We are bathed in cosmic events to the tune of 10000 per square meter per second all  over the earth. These have energies peaking at 1 GeV compared to the radionuclides of implied concern here of less than 1 MeV. Nuclear scientists must shield against this in order to properly measure events of alleged concern here; been there, done that! The average human body emits approximately 4,900 disintegrations per second of high energy beta/gamma due to potassium-40. This is exceedingly higher than an equivalent amount of sea water containing cesium-137 from Fukushima on the US West Coast. Get real!

Consider these graphics of natural surface radiation (USGS in the US and cancer mortality (CDC…. It should be an eye opener requiring those concerned to become more informed about the real world around us.

Also, check out Pandora’s Promise to see some amazing naturally occurring radiation levels which equal or exceed the levels of the Fukushima aftermath surroundings. People live fruitful and normal length lives in those parts. More people were killed at Fukushima because of the rad fear evacuation after the tsunami than can be attributed to staying in place. That fear as exacerbated by Dr. Sircus is the travesty.

Maybe the Dr. (?) (honorary OMD, blacklisted DM(P)) should stick to his area of expertise.  I’m surely not going to delve into his with any presumptive knowledge.

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