New climate change logo?

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The web site says:  “It’s not warming It’s dying“.

Then the new logo slowly appears, a green disc slowly covered downward with black, almost.  Iridescent buttons are available for purchase, even a hashtag.

But that’s it.  Purchase only.  You have to go elsewhere to have it explained.

The first part is true.  After a mid-late 20th century ramp up, the earth’s atmospheric warming is showing ‘stasis’ or ‘pause’ or ‘hiatus’ for the last nominal 17 years.  At least, that was the discussion terminology at the January workshop (transcript) of the American Physics Society.  The discussion was why all the expensive computer modeling cannot seem to match empirical (real) data, and therefore, the projections have become highly suspect.

The second part is false.  The earth has survived a few billion years of insults much worse than the hand wringing of the current short extant sentients.  It has seen the coming and going of huge blocks of species.  So, the alleged threat is to those extant sentients, the human race, and those species which may or may not adapt to the projected changes.  The earth is not dying, it’s continuing to change on its geologic time scale.

It’s also ironic that those espousing the limitation or walk-back of carbon emissions will also impose continued abject penury and limited quality of life for 2/3 of the human population.  The second law of thermodynamics has a huge part in the process as well.  Apparently, that’s not well understood by the doom followers.

The earth may also survive as we know it.  In the August 1 issue of Science, the survival of Pacific Ocean archipelagos, such as Tuvalu, will not be a problem.  Based on surface observations and core drilling, natural wave action deposits sand and natural coral debris on tops faster than projected sea level rise.  The cores indicate historical growth beyond sea level rise.  This is in addition to the diminishing IPCC projections translated into catastrophic sea level rise.

So, again, much ado about what?  Just send your $5 and get the nifty 5 pack of one inch buttons.  At least it makes money for the button producer.

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1 comment to New climate change logo?

  • “The earth is not dying, it’s continuing to change on its geologic time scale.”

    What kind of heretic writes to compare the ticking of geologic time with the rapidly beating drum of the 501c3 non-profit, NGO and governmental agency? Human emotion, greed and political correctness beat to a 20 year cycle; first cooling, then warming, etc.

    Hysterical activism generally attacks on the cutting edge of science and technology many for political and financial gain. Yes, it is good to have those among us that are looking into, researching and making the future, and those that are skeptical and afraid. Tick-tock

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