Hal Berghel on Mr. Snowden’s Legacy

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“A well-informed electorate is a prerequisite to democracy.”  Thomas Jefferson.

Mr. Snowden is in exile for spilling the beans about the depth of US domestic and international spying operations.  What was Mr. Snowden’s real offense?  Nothing really legally violated that has not been ignored before, except:
“… Let’s try this explanation on for size: what Snowden really did was take away the most cherished asset of hypocritical and autocratic governments— plausible deniability. Where before the public had suspicion, Snowden contributed a justification for it and provided tangible evidence. He gave us justified true suspicion—knowledge. Where the informed electorate had informed suspicion before Snowden, they had knowledge after. He added substance to claims of constitutional abuses by a government run by a Nobel Prize–winning president with a background in constitutional law. And what’s simply intolerable? Snowden sparked a public debate! There’s no greater threat to politicians who circumvent the law of the land than a public debate. …”  Hal Berghel, University of Nevada, Las Vegas in Computer, Vol 47, Number 4, pp 66-70,

The author shows some compelling history of ignored, and legally offensive, revelations, to which Snowden was/is, by past operational responses,  innocent.

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