Rationalize your increasing electrical costs

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We have a reason to accept our increasing costs of electricity.  The Badger Mountain Winery brought design capacity of 33 kW of solar photo-voltaic energy online in September of 2011 (  To date (6/11) and with our current approaching maximum solar input (June 21), 28.1 MWhr of electricity have been generated for a direct cost avoidance of $1967 at 7 cents per kWh, something south of 200 bottles of wine.  At this rate, we only need 79 years to pay down society’s $200,000 investment (USDA grant 25%, 30% tax deduction, one year full depreciation).  But with increasing electrical costs, we will benefit a shortened ROI time, maybe even approaching the 25 year life expectancy and 20% capacity loss (  Based on solar energy per US Army 30 year data for Yakima (, the average output is about 7% of theoretical.  See the performance at

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1 comment to Rationalize your increasing electrical costs

  • carlgh

    Thanks for keeping track of this investment. Energy conservation is the new mantra for supply side economics. By increasing the cost of electricity due to integration of more expensive and less reliable sources, energy conservation is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Energy intensive manufacturing jobs leave and turn out the lights.

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