Fresh Voices – Nuclear Power in Germany

A couple of years ago, Ms. Mary Claire Birdsong and Mr. Price Baker appeared on the prep school debate stage with a winning positive reality check about nuclear energy.  In Ms. Birdsong’s recent piece, some insight into the cultural background of Germany’s recent de-nuclearization effort is discussed.  Her references also are worth a read here […]

Milestones – Dr. Rosalyn Yalow

A hero in women’s achievements in a unique but highly significant portion of medicine and nuclear physics is gone (May 30, 2011), she was 89.  I briefly met Dr. Rosalyn Yalow at a nuclear medicine symposium a decade or so ago (time marches on).   Disallowed from entering graduate school anywhere until after World War II […]

Sunspot Controversies and Climate Change

Commencing in 2008, there was much ballyhoo about the long absence of sunspots.  These solar surface artifacts are quit visible and have been tabulated for centuries by varying degrees and observers.  There is a direct observational correlation between their absence and the Maunder Minimum in which the river Thames, and others, froze over during northern […]