Societal Health Care Allocations

Based on open literature, the accompanying chart appears to be an underlying agenda by at least one presidential health adviser and National Institutes of Health member for how society should allocate medical costs. Reasoning:  Old people don’t have much more to provide for continuance of the polity (other than redistributing their wealth).  Infants have not […]

Simple Question: Is Wind Useful?

On August 12, 2009, the press reported that the Pacific Northwest windfarms produced a record 2000MW of energy output for an hour on Aug 6, just shy of 100% of capacity.  This was quite a remarkable event, a first in the many years of operations.  But not reported and falling rapidly on the heals of […]

Surface Sea Temperatures (SST)?

With wild enthusiasm, AP reporter Borenstein again focuses on an anomaly that requires reader investigation.  The White Sea, a small area near Kamchatka, is showing unusual temperatures, but the whole of the SST is fairly normal.  A good review of trends and facts can be found here with this summary statement: “To sum up the […]

The Irish Economic Engine

Ireland became something of an anomaly with regard to rapid economic growth in the 1980′s and 1990′s. There have been several comments over the past few years which lay it to an upheaval in government taxation and spending policies. Here is a quick view: But, the recent world economic crisis has also impacted Ireland […]

Requirements for alternative electrical energy sources

Physicist and environmental activist John Droz, Jr., has enumerated six factors which were considered at the infancy of US commercial electrical energy development in the late 1800s.  These are the criteria which engineers, financial planners, and investors considered in bringing about the US’s hugely successful demand based system copied worldwide.  The primary development question:  where […]