Continuing the BPA wind story

Continued amazement! How can we expect to operate a 21st century industrialized nation on an unreliable energy source that is out of phase with usage needs?  Why do we let environmental lawyers dictate power engineering decisons?  Check it out, the moving weekly window of the BPA demand vs. wind generation.  Try to line up the […]

Great American Swindle – 2009

Based on the references below, the US economy is heading for a disaster of unprecedented impact orchestrated by a few financial players.  Revealed by Matt Taibbi in RollingStone, these decades long players were trained in and by Goldman-Sachs’ operations and were part and parcel of culpable action in the demise of Lehman Brothers, the propping up […]

Pickens blowing in the wind

T. Boone Pickens has bailed on wind energy.  Although he says he’ll be involved in small wind projects, his big idea for the Texas panhandle has been dumped.  As noted in this blog, wind power as a useful major energy source simply does not compute.  So much for tax advantages and write-offs for this Quixotic tychoon. […]

Hopkins Ridge Windfarm

A Southeastern Washington state wheat farmer near Hopkins Ridge in Columbia County WA was a candidate for a wind farm. He looked at the contract and the wind turbine specifications and decided against them. Too many uncertainties, too much hype, too many limitations, and too much impact to his farming practices. He shared an example […]

Global Warming and Rocket Science

Rocket scientist Mike Fick writes in the Tri-City Herald (Kennewick WA, Sunday, July 5, 2009, page E2, “Deceptive legislation”) that after a concerted effort with intially open mind, his evaluation on the global warming (climate change) issue is that it is a hoax.  While it adds significant credibility, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist […]