White House Transparency – A Vow of Silence

The Walla Walla Union Bulletin gets it here.  So do a number of the loyal minority.  Where did the campaign promises of 2008 go?  The US White House should be culpable.  If secret meetings with admonishment to keep no records is true, then nothing has changed.  Is hope still available?  Check out this letter requesting […]

Energy independence and renewable energy.

I’m confused about the proposed approaches to US of A energy independence.   A few years ago, I did a back of the envelope calculation about how many nuclear power plants it would take to compensate for petroleum.  As a nuclear scientist, I know that it’s really tough to beat the energy density equation of […]

The climate is changing.

Yes, the climate is changing.  Globally, it’s been getting warmer for the last 10,000 years.  That’s when the ice age glaciers started melting and the oceans started rising.  For half that period, the rate of ocean rise is in line with the 20th century, nothing really new there.  Climate has also had its ups and […]

Electrical energy from forest trash?

Yes, electrical energy can be made from forest trash.  You simply rake it up, toss it in a wood fired steam dynamo, and voila!, electricty more expensive than wind to supplement the variability of wind.  Duke Energy, AREVA, and Energy Northwest have proposed to install four 50 MWe units in the forests of Washington State […]

Canada shutting down medical isotope supply

Loss of Canadian medical isotopes production will affect 70,000 patients per day in US.