Big Economics and New EPA CO2 Rules

Dr. Peter Gleick of the  Fakegate episode1 postulates that due to the ever rising US GDP2, the impact of the recent US EPA carbon emissions regulations3 will hardly be seen economically. Or, rather, show a continued and perhaps even better situation. Sure hope so.  His (and the EPA’s) reasoning4 is that by graphics it would […]

New Action on Renewables for Washington State

In 2006, Washington State voters passed their initiative I-937 by a margin of 62 to 48.  This law mandated significant increase in renewable electrical energy into the state’s electrical service grid.  This law also specifically denied the crediting of hydro power as a renewable resource.  Then and now, the state’s energy resources are about 80% […]

Does Pacific Northwest Windpower Provide Benefit?

The US Pacific Northwest has embraced windpower in a remarkable manor.  To date, the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) is balancing about 3200 MW (nameplate capacity) onto its grid.  There is alleged to be another 2000 MW in other utilities around the Northwest.  Since the Northwest is a traditional power exporter due to its abundance of […]

More wind generation installed, less performance

The public presentations by Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) reps and the North West Power and Conservation Council continue to use 30% (and more) average capacity factors for promotion and estimation of wind energy generation. However, there is another chart on the BPA web site showing the reduction in the factor between Winters of 08/09 and […]

Wyoming continues wind tax issues

In 2010, the Wyoming legislature passed a $1/MWhr tax on windpower generation based on the premise that the owners were getting $23/MWhr from the feds and Wyoming should get a share.  That level was effectively a placeholder until further performance data were available and panel evaluations are complete. In this year’s legislative session, the topic […]