New climate change logo?

The web site says:  “It’s not warming It’s dying“. Then the new logo slowly appears, a green disc slowly covered downward with black, almost.  Iridescent buttons are available for purchase, even a hashtag. But that’s it.  Purchase only.  You have to go elsewhere to have it explained. The first part is true.  After a mid-late […]

To tax carbon? or not? Examine the basis!

The state of Washington’s Gov. Inslee has established a task force to recommend ways to reduce the state’s carbon emissions footprint.  Washington State is blessed with abundant hydro and nuclear electrical power, making it 80% ‘Green’ in that sector.  Replacing the singular coal plant with ‘renewable’ Maybewatts or natural gas would be barely noticed.  As […]

Big Economics and New EPA CO2 Rules

Dr. Peter Gleick of the  Fakegate episode1 postulates that due to the ever rising US GDP2, the impact of the recent US EPA carbon emissions regulations3 will hardly be seen economically. Or, rather, show a continued and perhaps even better situation. Sure hope so.  His (and the EPA’s) reasoning4 is that by graphics it would […]

Sinking Feeling About CO2

Satellite data show evidence human generated co2 not a problem.

Sunspot Controversies and Climate Change

Commencing in 2008, there was much ballyhoo about the long absence of sunspots.  These solar surface artifacts are quit visible and have been tabulated for centuries by varying degrees and observers.  There is a direct observational correlation between their absence and the Maunder Minimum in which the river Thames, and others, froze over during northern […]