Big Economics and New EPA CO2 Rules

Dr. Peter Gleick of the  Fakegate episode1 postulates that due to the ever rising US GDP2, the impact of the recent US EPA carbon emissions regulations3 will hardly be seen economically. Or, rather, show a continued and perhaps even better situation. Sure hope so.  His (and the EPA’s) reasoning4 is that by graphics it would […]

The US Unemployment Map

An interesting visual effect of US unemployment since 2007 has been provided by the American Observer.   It is a month to month change in county unemployment rates, 2007-2009.  Take a look.

The Irish Economic Engine

Ireland became something of an anomaly with regard to rapid economic growth in the 1980′s and 1990′s. There have been several comments over the past few years which lay it to an upheaval in government taxation and spending policies. Here is a quick view: But, the recent world economic crisis has also impacted Ireland […]

Great American Swindle – 2009

Based on the references below, the US economy is heading for a disaster of unprecedented impact orchestrated by a few financial players.  Revealed by Matt Taibbi in RollingStone, these decades long players were trained in and by Goldman-Sachs’ operations and were part and parcel of culpable action in the demise of Lehman Brothers, the propping up […]