Radiation Fears?

A homeopathic and acupuncture proponent (Dr. (?) Mark Sircus) apparently from Brazil recently posted that Fukushima is going to kill a lot of people with radioactivity.  His claims appear to be on par with his referenced and disgraced H. Caldicott (Pandora’s Promise).  What is contrary is that a comment calling out a few problems with […]

Wearable Computers

The big thing at this year’s CES appears to be wearable computers such as Google Glass.  Maybe it’s come of age.   But this author looked into it in 2004 and found this fun solution.  Been there, done that!  Surround Sound included! Actually, there were products back then which would allow hands free operation, voice activated […]

Milestones – “Never Give Up!”

Robert E. Schenter 4-Jan-37 : 9-Jul-13, PhD. A continuous optimist for the things he understood: youth education and beneficial uses of nuclear physics.  Most important was the development and advancement of radioactive isotopes for medical diagnostics and therapies. Known by close associates as ‘Dr. Bob’, he was also a co-founder of Citizens For Medical Isotopes […]

Rationalize your increasing electrical costs

We have a reason to accept our increasing costs of electricity.  The Badger Mountain Winery brought design capacity of 33 kW of solar photo-voltaic energy online in September of 2011 (  To date (6/11) and with our current approaching maximum solar input (June 21), 28.1 MWhr of electricity have been generated for a direct cost […]

Large Area Wind Success?

All puff (wind) power installation proposals use terms like “equal to powering X homes” or “reducing carbon dioxide emissions by Y tons”.  These proposals also state that average production is 30+% of rated.   Then there are others who note that the performance is showing differently and puff power is unreliable.  To counter that, we […]